We offer granted quality, color and dimension tolerance according to customers’ demands of all kind of Egyptian stones Cut to size various finishes all with very competitive prices.
We insure the best quality for our customer –as Our Factory awarded the ISO 9001- and we concentrate our great efforts into quality control and selection at each stage starting from the quarry processing, production till the final selection and packing for finished products.

We start our production by selecting high quality material and blocks according to our quality control rules and specifications, then we saw the blocks into slabs , thick as per customers’ requirements.

After cutting the slabs we inspect and classify them by different codes according to colors and the quality of material. Also, for thickness tolerance,. Then we choose the suitable slabs according to each order and start treatment operation using polyester or e-boxy resin, if required polished or honed surface finishing using high levels of technology

After the treatment and surface finish of slabs, our quality control inspects all slabs before cutting or packing them and dismiss all slabs showing any defect in their finish.
. Our precise quality control is applied continuously during cutting the tiles to check the dimension and angle of cutting for tiles

For packing, we have our workshop for the manufacture special wooden crates and special bundles. We pack our tiles and slabs inside the strong Crates with foam, plastic roles and protected edges.

We check and inspect each tile before packing inside the crates, and finally check each crate conditions before Loading inside the container.