Packing Considerations
For packing, we have our workshop for the manufacture special wooden crates and special bundles. We pack our tiles and slabs inside the strong Crates
Our Packing Considerations for Tiles
1-Five Sides of the wooden Crates are lined with 1 cm Styrofoam sheets 1 cm thick +one sheet Between Rows + Bottom sheets 2 cm thick
2-Plastic Sheet between Polishing Faces
3-Wooden wedge are inserted in Gaps if Founded to guarantee that no Sway for the tiles inside the Crates This prevent any Brocken edges
4- The Crates Bottom wooden stiffeners are designed to allow fast and easy loading and unloading
5-For French Pattern each set of tiles Forming one Pattern Can be Rapped together in Plastic sheets (upon request)
Our Packing Considerations for Slabs
1-Special wooden Bundles are designed and Fabricated from strong wooden types with suitable cross Sectional to withstand the marble weight
2- The Bundle Bottom Stiffeners are designed to give Bundle Stability and stand-alone safely in addition to fast and easy loading and unloading
3-Bundles are Tighten with Long Threaded steel anchor Bolts at the top to guarantee the bundle stability and No Cracks or Brocken Slabs
4-Strong Cross latches with special wooden stiffeners supported by steel anchors between the adjacent Bundles – inside the container- to Guarantee NO sway for Bundles this results slabs reached client store in excellent conditions .
We check and inspect each tile or slab before packing, and finally check each crate or Bundle conditions before Loading inside the container